Write With Me…
Short | 9 minutes 28 seconds | 2014 | United States

SHOWTIME: 5:12PM(All times are subject to change)

A woman longs for a songwriting partner but, terrified of the vulnerability inherent in the act of creating, retreats into the safety of her mind.

Hannah Leshaw

Hannah Leshaw

Hannah Leshaw
Justin Calder

Key Cast
Gillian Leigh Visco
Connie Saltzman

Director: Hannah Leshaw

Hannah Leshaw is an award winning Bronx-based writer and filmmaker. Her work focuses on the nature of emotional intimacy in familial, romantic and platonic relationships, exploring both the ways we experience that intimacy and the ways we wish we did.

Her first three short films screened at a wide variety of festivals including the Female Eye, BendFilm, Soho International, AOF, Bare Bones, NYC Downtown, Big Apple and IndieWorks. Her most recent film, WRITE WITH ME…, was partially funded by a grant from the Bronx Council on the Arts and was accepted at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner.

Hannah is currently in development for her first feature film, HIJITA DE PAPÁ, about a 15-year-old girl who is desperate to escape her father’s sexual abuse but who will do anything not to leave her two little sisters behind unprotected.

Hannah is also the founder of The Bronx Filmmakers – a collective of professional, active filmmakers who live and work in the borough of The Bronx – and a member of Film Fatales, a collective of female directors.

Director’s Statement

Write With Me… is part of a series of short films that weave fantasy into reality to explore intimacy both as we experience it and as we wish we did. I’m interested in the ways that our daydreams are often just shades away from our reality and so the “fantasy” portions of these films are not very fantastic.

Ironically, given the storyline of this film, I had a difficult time finding the right songwriting partner for the piece that’s written by the characters on screen. It was hard to find musicians with compatible tastes and approaches and, in fact, I worked with several people before finally asking my father, a professional musician, for help. While he and I have very different musical tastes our familial relationship helped with our communication and I am very pleased with our final version of the song Before You Know Me.