Two Fish
Drama | 22 minutes 50 seconds | 2015 | United States

SHOWTIME: 6:00PM(All times are subject to change)

Two Fish is the story of two kids and their creative way of dealing with situations of conflict. The two young brothers, Max and Lucas, are suffering under the divorce of their parents. One day, when the kids spend a day at the beach, a fisherman gives them two fish that they are allowed to keep in the bathtub for a day. The kids start to play with the fish and try to imagine a life as a fish, living peacefully underwater and having a muted perception of their surroundings. When their father shows up during dinner and loses his temper in his desperate need to see his sons, the kids spontaneously decide to dive into an imaginary underwater world.

As the days pass, they also start to notice that their mother is becoming increasingly more unconcentrated, seemingly overwhelmed by the conflict with their father. Anxious that they are going to lose their father over the divorce, Max and Lucas pose questions about presence and absence and the meaning of death. Max ends up being convinced that the absence of the fish can be seen as an equivalent to the absence of their father and desperately starts searching for traces of the fish.

Divina Hasselmann

Divina Hasselmann

Sofia Theofilaktidis
Susanne and Klaus Hasselmann
Gerardo De Sousa
Souzana Theofilaktidou

Key Cast
Cole Iturregui-Shirley
Benicio Franqui
Malin Barr
Kara Elverson
Eddy James Ryan
Theodoros Theofilaktidis

Director: Divina Hasselmann

Divina Hasselmann is a German-Filipino filmmaker and media artist currently working and living in Berlin. After graduating from High school in Lübeck, Divina moved to Frankfurt to study Theater-, Film and Media Studies, as well as Political Science and Linguistics at the Goethe University. As a Fulbright scholar she then earned her Master’s degree in Media Studies and Film at The New School University in New York, where she acquired her filmmaking skills.
Coming from a strong theoretical background, she implements complex contemporary theories around the notions of death, the body, simulation, language and into her media artworks, trying to give a response to these very ideas in a different format, as well as making them more accessible. She poses similar questions in her films in form of stories, which negotiate primarily those questions precluded from the dominant discourse in society. Ranging from essay- as well as experimental films to films in the neorealist tradition, her style is known to push the boundaries of conventional filmmaking, constantly exploring the potential of the medium. Divina has shown her work at festivals and in galleries in the U.S. well as in the UK and Sweden.