Narrative Short | 16 min | 2015 | US

SHOWTIME: 8:29PM(All times are subject to change)

Spit is the story of Jeremiah Monk One Sinclair. A NYC Hip Hop artist who has reached a cross roads of trying to understand what is success and is edging to towards the end of his rope. A POV styled film, we enter the body of Monk One, travel in his world, seeing through his eyes the loss of passion, love for the music, life and city he once knew.

Mtume Gant

Mtume Gant

Malcolm Goodwin iZombie, Breakout Kings
Conchita Campos

Key Cast
Mtume Gant OZ, Carlito’s Way Rise to Power, Hurricane Streets,
Che Ayende
Lance Coadie Williams
Azariah Gunn
Lameen Witter
Erica Chamblee House of Cards

Director: Mtume Gant

Mtume Gant is a multi-disciplined artist & performer. A graduate of NYC’s Laguardia HS & The Acting Conservatory at SUNY Purchase, he has worked heavily on stage, screen & TV, most notably as a cast member of the HBO show “Oz”. Musically, he’s shared the stage worldwide with names such as Wynton Marsalis. His most recent accomplishments include writing/starring in Contact Theatre’s critically acclaimed production “Fields of Grey” in Manchester and directing the short music video vignette “Ease My Mind” by Conchita Campos.

Director’s Statement

I have two passions – Dramatic Art and Hip Hop. I have dedicated the majority of my 34 years to both of these forms. They have given a lot to me, and taken me to places I could only imagine in my head when I was younger. I have been blessed to be seen in films and television shows that have played around the world as well as perform on stages on 4 continents and over 20 nations. Sadly, after 20 years of being in this industry, I still see a gap in the amount of opportunities that people of color get to tell their stories from their perspective. So that’s why I began writing my own dramatic work. This started with the play Fields of Grey, which was produced in England 2 years ago and from there I realized I needed to enter a medium where I could make an impact globally, where I could show the true complexity of Black life in a way that we don’t often get to see, and where I could employ and showcase talented actors of color who still struggle in a business that has yet to properly address its issues of inequality on screen. And that’s how my screenplay and hence forth how I came about creating my film Spit