Sonnet 134
Drama | 3 minutes | 2014 | United States

SHOWTIME: 7:43PM(All times are subject to change)

A visual twist on Shakespeare’s Sonnet 134 through the eyes of a young conflicted mother who surrenders her baby to repay a debt to a childless mother-in-waiting. Sonnet 134 was created for the New York Sonnet Project, a year-long initiative where filmmakers are tasked to visualize 154 sonnets with 154 unique actors in 154 landmarks in New York City.

Eddie Shieh

Eddie Shieh
William Shakespeare

Eddie Shieh
Christiane Seidel

Key Cast
Christiane Seidel
Anna Gutto
Sebastian Beacon
Baby Benjamin

Director: Eddie Shieh

Eddie Shieh (謝宗楷) is a director, editor, and screenwriting member of the Writer’s Guild of America East and WGA Digital Caucus. His work has won Best Direction, Cast and Soundtrack, with numerous nominations for Best Film, Actor, Actress, and Music from Academy® Qualifying and international festivals.

Eddie has been nominated to the NBCUniversal Directing, Fox Global Directors Initiative, and O’Neill National Directors Fellowship programs. He is an alumnus of The Barrow Group Directing Workshops in New York led by the esteemed Seth Barrish, and the Professional Writer’s Boot Camp where after his first dramatic feature screenplay sold in 2010.

His passion for storytelling stems from a career as an award-winning advertising creative director.

Director’s Statement

I wish to thank the New York Shakespeare Exchange, and Executive Director, Ross Williams, for creating the Sonnet Project. And allowing me to create Sonnet 134. The Sonnet Project is a wonderful initiative for filmmakers to visualize all of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets, each using a unique actor and landmark location through out New York City.

The Sonnet Project team has been dedicated and true in preserving Shakespeare’s text. Yet still allowing reasonable creative expression and interpretation.

Our location was under the Bruckner Expressway in the South Bronx.

As a director, I enjoy employing twists and different perspectives. However the idea of altering the love triangle between Shakespeare, his best friend, and the woman they love in Sonnet 134, was not on purpose.

Inspired the location, the image of two women, perhaps relatives, face to face in a different kind of situation was immediate. I was lucky to have assembled a talented and cooperative cast including our star, Baby Benjamin, who was only several months old. Still, we were on baby time and fortunate to film everything I needed between naps.

We hope you enjoy Sonnet 134 and look into the Sonnet Project NYC.