Short | 11 minutes 25 seconds | 2014 | Switzerland
SHOWTIME: 9:27PM(All times are subject to change)

Theo lives in a loveless and dull relationship with Barbara, his wife of 45 years. In secret, he imagines what it would be like to get away from this bleak existence. But what is there to do?
Week after week, Barbara sets up the game of Scrabble. But one day, the game presents an unexpected and magical opportunity for Theo. Could it be possible that a few simple letters could bring Theo’s dark fantasies to life? Is it possible that a chosen word determines his and Barbara’s destiny? Is there a change of getting away with murder?

Cristian Sulser

Cristian Sulser

Björn Härtel

Key Cast
Nikola Weisse
Albert Tanner

Director: Cristian Sulser

Born in Switzerland, Cristian started of as an actor on the theatre stage
and as a host of NICKELODEN SWITZERLAND. He moved on to
become assistant director for the opera director Dieter Kaegi. He took his first steps into the film industry by working for REGENCY TELEVISON/20 CENTURY FOX in Los Angeles and got trained on the job as editor and director at SWISS NATIONAL TELEVISION – always keeping a foot in various theater and musical productions.

In 2004, Cristian became a freelance director/producer and founded SECONDUNIT MEDIA PRODUCTIONS, a production company for film and television. He graduated from the SCHOOL OF SCREENWRITING in Berlin in 2007 and has worked since as screenwriter and script consultant. Cristian wrote and directed numerous music videos, tv shows, comedy series and short films. He graduated with a master of fine arts in directing from the renown AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE (AFI) in Los Angeles.

Cristian Sulser is an award winning writer and director and lives in Los Angeles, California.

Director’s Statement

“my empathy for people and my fascination with the awkwardness of life keep me inspired. the challenge of finding stories, characters and emotions, comedy and
drama, keeps me going. I am driven by the passion of creating, hooked with that familiar atmosphere, the collaboration that ties every production together. filmmaking is dreaming, is playing, is learning about life.”