Narrative Feature | 1 hr, 31 min | 2015 | Australia | Test Screening

SHOWTIME: 7:20PM(All times are subject to change)

“Pop-Up” is a triptych of stories about people affected by one event:

An unemployed father finds a camera containing a single photo of a woman’s face. Smitten, he tracks her down.

A Romanian immigrant attempts to overcome her heartbreak by giving away a thousand home-made pop-up cards.

A sleep-deprived theatre director seeks deadly revenge on a scathing critic.

Eugene Gilfedder (Mick)
Clara Voda (Rada)
Greg Powell (Neil)
Laura Vasiliu (Adela)
Brenton Prince (Sam)
Chris Taylor (TV Host)
May Grehan (Yana)
David Elliott (The Strange Man)
Melissa Hanes (Roxanna)
Ellacoco Hammer (Emily)
Evan Olman (Richie)
Mria Ploae (Nina)
Shan’t Sarkissian (Gaz)
Greg Sullivan (Barry)
Gena Chanelle Hayes (Jen)
Tom Dalzell (Duncan)

Writer / Director – Stuart McBratney
Stuart McBratney has over 25 years of filmmaking experience. His debut feature-length film ‘Spudmonkey’ (2001) was released theatrically and featured in several film festivals. Stu has also directed around 500 TV commercials internationally, plus numerous short films and music videos. His most recent project, the TV series ‘Back in the Soviet Bloc’, was acquired by renowned London-based distributor TVF International. To find out more about Stuart click here.

Cinematographer (Australia) – Clinton Harn
A true Renaissance man, Clinton’s been behind the scenes for two decades, mastering both picture and sound. He’s been a university lecturer in these fields for the last 15 years, and also writes for various film-related publications and websites. Clinton’s master-of-all-trades approach has proven priceless while shooting Pop-Up.

Cinematographer (Romania) / Co-Producer – Edi Schneider
Residing in Sebes, Transylvania, Edi is a professional music producer and filmmaker. After producing over 60 music albums, (including some major hits), Edi decided to focus on motion pictures. Since 2004 he’s produced many TV commercials, music videos and corporate films, and still finds time to raise a family.

Producer / 1st Assistant Director / Production Manager – Rebecca Abramovic

Production Assistant (Romania) – Adina Paun

Director’s Statement

Creating “Pop-Up” was never easy. Made for the cost of an average Australian wedding, it nevertheless brought together Palme d’Or and Berlinale-winning talent, hundreds of extras, and locations spanning the globe, from the sunny beaches of Australia, to the cold mountains of Transylvania.

But the typical viewer isn’t concerned with a film’s production. They just want an engaging story, which will hopefully transport them to another world for a couple of hours, and leave them with a sensation, a memory, or even an insight.

Pop-Up looks at the lives of three strangers. They may be from different worlds, but they share the one planet. When a random encounter throws all three lives off balance, their worlds collide in more ways than one. “Pop-Up” hopes to engage the viewer in unexpected ways, and take them on a journey they’ll never forget.