Package #3
Feature | 1 hour 40 minutes | 2014 | Venezuela

SHOWTIME: 8:30PM(All times are subject to change)

Package # 3 is a Venezuelan political satire. El Cholo, a Peruvian taxi driver, flees from the justice of his country and comes to Venezuela looking for a better future. After encountering a band of swindlers…Wait a minute. Venezuela? Really?

Alfredo HuecK

Alfredo HuecK

Beto Benites

Key Cast
Beto Benites, Emilio Lovera, Eulalia Siso, Dimas Gonzales, Daniela Bascope

Director: Alfredo HuecK

Graduated from the first class of the School of Communications at University Saint Mary in Caracas, Venezuela. In 1999, he and his brother won Best Documentary with “Ella Es…” at the III Congress of Communication Students in Bogotá, Colombia.

While attending college, he also studied at the School of Film and TV in
Caracas, Venezuela, where he made the experimental video “ESPINOZA”, official selection at the Expresión en Corto in the Guanajuato International Film Festival in 2001.

In 2004, Alfredo makes his debut with his first fiction short film in 16mm “[YBI-173]”. The movie got major recognition winning several awards such as Best Script, Best Actor, Best Editing and Best Fiction Short Film in several Venezuelan film festivals as well as Best Latin American Short Film in Spain at TVE’s Versión Española competition in 2005 and was selected in Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival

The international success of his first short film allowed him to produce and shoot
in Venezuela the 30-minute short film “Un Gallo y Un Corral”, and another fiction short in Spain “GET IN LOVE”, shot guerrilla style in the Madrid Subway System. The short was selected by the Cine Rail Festival in Paris and got a Special Jury Mention at the Brussels International Film Festival in 2007.

That year Alfredo also directed “ Bloque 1” the first of the two 45-minute short films that make up the movie “BLOQUES” produced by Villa del Cine in Venezuela. Official selection in Sao Paulo Film Festival.

In 2008 he was selected in TNT’s reality show Project 48 and films his latest short film “STAY”, which was televised for all of Latin America along a four-episode series of the show. Won Best Editing , Audience Award and Best Fiction Short Film in the III Shortfilm Festival of Caracas.

Alfredo is currently writing his second and third full-length film, a romantic comedy and a suspense thriller, while he promotes his very first feature film , a Venezuelan political satire “PACKAGE #3”