Animation Short | 12 min 55 sec | 2015 | France | US Premiere
SHOWTIME: 7:30PM(All times are subject to change)

In the heart of a group of birds, the indignant Moann feels her body changing.
In a society where the greatest concern is the size and ambition of one’s wings,
nihilist Ciobeck tries to protect her.
But how can one survive in a barren land, populated by imprisoned-mind people?

Elice MENG

Elice MENG

Nicolas BURLET

Art director

was born in Brittany in 1975.
After Modern Literature studies, she works in edition, local press, books’ review, and as event organizer for example in penitentiaries.

Her literary works with regional concerns are published, even though it’s through poetic writings that she’s looking for her path.

In the same time, she grows a painting practice which currently brings her to exhibit according to the themes which drives her and the spaces she tries to inhabit.

In 2008, she starts to work on the thematic of the place of the individual by staging groups of birds.
Searching for an artistic affinity, she regularly collaborates with other artists and poets to create art installations, art books and bibliophily books.

In 2012 she makes a 9 meters fresco for a public order for a multimedia library.
Of Shadows & Wings… is her first script and first animated film, directed with Eleonora Marinoni.

artistic and technical credits
Réalisation / director
avec la voix de / with the voice of
montage / editing
musique / music
design sonore / sound design
producteur executif / executive producer
avec la participation de /
with the participation of
Elice Meng & Eleonora Marinoni
Mathieu Amalric
Jean-Claude Rozec
Johanna Bessière
Natacha Baud-Grasset
Shinta Juilland
Gwendal Stephan
Nick Krummenacher
Fred Luzet
Jean-Marie Lerest
Nicolas Martin
Kévin Feildel
Christelle Louet
Sidonie Traverse
Mathieu Courtois
Jean-François Le Corre
Nicolas Burlet
Zoltán Horváth
RTS-Radio Télévion Suisse
Izabela Rieben
Ville de Rennes
CNC – Contribution financière
Région Bretagne
L’office fédéral de la culture
La Loterie Romande
Département de Loire Atlantique

eleonora marinoni
Born in 1985, she grew up between Switzerland and Italy.
In 2008 she graduated from Fine Arts in Urbino, Italy. Her interest for cinema and animation led her to pursue studies in Paris, where she learned 2D animation’s techniques.
She first worked as a graphic designer and animator in Paris and Milan, then she met Vivement Lundi ! and JPL studios in Rennes.
Since 2011 she has worked on different projects such as His War where she has been Head of animation, House of dust, Jewishs & Muslims, so far, so close, Louise in winter, Sous tes doigts and Dimitri.
Of Shadows & wings… is her first short film, co-directed with the painter and writer Elice Meng.

Director’s Statement: Of Shadows & Wings… had perhaps began, in my mind, about five years ago, in front of one of my paintings entitled « Where are the birds without wings going». On a long fresco, a group of birds questioned the place of the individual within a community.
Why don’t we let these creatures talk? What would they say about the place we have, the place we can choose ? The genesis of the story was born, where love, difference and freedom would be the matter…

There are only two things we should give our children : one is roots and the other is wings.
(jewish proverb)