No. 2: Story of the Pencil
Documentary Feature | 1 hr, 4 min | 2015 | US | NY Premiere

SHOWTIME: 5:55PM(All times are subject to change)

No.2, overlooked as a common tool, continues to lose dominance in a media saturated world. However, history tells a different story.

The Pencil changed everything. Invention, craftsmanship, art, engineering, manufacturing, government, history, and business are a result of the pencil. Although the Pencil technology provided a way to move thoughts to a tangible form, technology is never static.

As technology is a key focus to every aspect of society today, the pencil begins to lose its significance. With so many aspects of society existing in binary code, the pencil needs to be honored. We are in a battle against time. If we move away from using this analog piece of technology, what is society losing? How significant is the pencil to ingenuity? Should we care if the pencil shifts to the backseat?

No.2 film seeks to develop the historical significance of the pencil in a charming and emotional story of a common ordinary tool.


David Rees: known as the greatest artisan pencil sharpener. You may have seen him on National Geo “Going Deep With David Rees.”

David Carson: considered one of the greatest graphic designers of this century. His work continues to shape graphic designers around the world. More than that, he has a long history with the pencil.

Henry Petroski: one of the greatest pencil historians. Currently, he teaches History of Engineering at Duke University.

Caroline Weaver: owner of CW Pencils in New York City. Her boutique continues to bring the pencil revolution to our digital infested culture.

Rafael Esquer: principal at Alfalfa Studios in New York City specializing in branding, web design, and cross-media visualization. He begins every design with the pencil.

Sean Malone: pencil enthusiast who runs and manages the Blackwing pages blog. He focuses on the history of the Blackwing 602. The 602 is considered one of the finest pencils made.

These are just a few of the main characters sharing their thoughts on this little insignificant tool.