Narrative Short | 28 min, 30 sec | 2015 | France

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Karim is an Arabic boy living in a project of the Parisian suburbs, he’s studying law and working hard to succeed. When his little brother is killed, Karim’s desire for revenge will undermine his principles and place him before a choice that could tilt its existence.

Adrien Costello

Adrien Costello

Pierre-Jean Comelli

Key Cast
Nassim Si Ahmed Les Lascars, Marseille (netflix)
Nicolas Marié 9 MOIS FERMES (Dupontel), MICMACS À TIRE-LARIGOT (JP. Jeunet)…
Saïd Taghmaoui LA HAINE (M. Kassovitz), LOST (the show), TRAITOR…

Director: Adrien Costello

Adrien is a young french director and actor. He has directed his two first short movies in 2007 (PLEIN FACE) and 2008 (SANTA CLAUS IS BACK IN TOWN). After an actor training at the PYGMALION STUDIO (Paris) he performed in several projects and he gained better skills to work with actors and get the best they can give. Adrien is also passionate with photography and he works as much on the picture of his films as on the writing and acting.

Director’s Statement


This film was born from my meeting with Mohamed Bouazzaoui in 2009. He was then elected to the prevention, youth and professional integration of young people in the town of Longjumeau, a sensitive suburb of Paris.
‘The night is meant for sleeping’ is the phrase that Mohamed’s Father, a Moroccan immigrant in France of the first hour, repeated to his children so they do not go out at night with friends, because in his time “an Arab who went out at night was in trouble every time”. The film is about the following generation the one that lives at night.
Although this story is pure fiction, I was fascinated by the characters of Mohamed’s neighborhood that he made me meet, starting with his father, who inspired me and helped me to bring depth and realism to the whole universe of the film. I wanted to take a special attention to every character, even the smallest. And then of course it is Mohamed himself, his reflections and his successful model that also have driven me into telling this story.


My first desire was to make a positive film.
At a time when the suburbs and their populations are very present in the news in France and in the world, we do not often hear stories that do not feed the phobia of the other. A film about the French immigrants, yes, but no question here of closing doors. ‘The night is meant for sleeping’ rather opens up windows and brings a kind look on these young people, their contradictions, their barriers, but also on their values, their promises, their hopes.
What it is about ? It’s about free will. About what makes us a synthesis of the choices we make and the consequences that result.
The revolting injustice that is going to live Karim, the main character, will seriously shake up its principles and benchmarks, since he will be confronted to the murderer of his baby brother. The heart of the film is the struggle between Karim desire for revenge and his conscience. Not to judge my character I really asked myself the question: what would happen if I got face to face with the guy who killed my brother? And the question the film asks the viewer is ‘How would you react in this situation?’
To allow a proper identification with the main character, I wanted him to be the most authentic and opposed to conventional stereotypes and demonization. Karim is neither a saint nor a thug. He is an ordinary young man whom is caught in spite of himself in an unordinary and chaotic situation.


If the story and dialogues are looking for the realism of a documentary, the photography and narrative style express a strong desire for Cinema.
I wanted to make a social drama with an exciting visual style in order to get away from the daily routine and to go further, like a universal tale.