Like A Boss
Short | 14 minutes 27 seconds | 2015 | United States

SHOWTIME: 9:00PM(All times are subject to change)

A foolishly heroic guy gets himself into fights against thugs to save innocent people but gets beat up until his ‘kick-ass’ girlfriend come to the rescue.

Bryan Christian

Bryan Christian

Bryan Christian
Jamal Curtis Jones

Key Cast
Shivantha Wijesinha
Nora Goldbach
Joanna Fanizza
Ben Dawson
Noriko Sato
Ratnesh Dubey
Fady Kerko
Jimmy Allman
Chanel Jenkins
Omar Harvey

Director: Bryan Christian

Bryan Christian is an award winning writer and filmmaker based in the Bronx. He holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Film/Video Production from the City College of New York. He was awarded as an official finalist for his screenplay “Homeboy” in the 2013 World Series of Screenwriting contest. He is a member of The Bronx Filmmakers (TBxF) a collective of filmmakers who live and work in the borough of The Bronx. Bryan stays active in the indie filmmaking scene helping other filmmakers with their projects and attending various film events learning more about the process of filmmaking. He is the founder of BrueCool Productions which he produces his short films and provide video services to those in need.

Director’s Statement

“I first came up with the idea for “Like A Boss” back in 2012. Back then the story was about an unemployed guy who feels inferior to his girlfriend who have a high paying job and was afraid of her dumping him because of his work status. The story idea didn’t sound exciting enough to me so I start brainstorming again. Then it hit me, I asked myself what if a guy gets beat up by random guys in front his girlfriend? But what if the guy’s girlfriend knew martial arts and beat up his opponents for him? And there you have it, a compelling story idea filled with action and humor that also deals with the complicating social roles of gender. I hope people will enjoy themselves while watching the film and have a better understanding of what it means to be in a relationship despite of gender roles.”