Narrative Feature | 1 hr 38 min | 2015 | US | NY Premier

SHOWTIME: 8:15PM(All times are subject to change)

KILLING POE is a hilarious comedy with a macabre twist. Five college students find themselves in the most infuriating class ever on Edgar Allan Poe. After weeks of abuse from their professor — and a ‘shroom-fueled trip with a beat-boxing groundskeeper and a TV horror host — the group plots their revenge. But their “simple” plan spirals out of control and the five must navigate growing suspicions, paranoia, and guilt. Yet, a series of shocking revelations, and a mysterious stranger, cause the hapless conspirators to question everything they thought they knew. The film is truly a modern Breakfast Club with a unique John-Hughes-meets-Wes-Anderson flavor, aimed at lovers of high school and college ensemble comedies.

Nathan A. Jacobs

Nathan A. Jacobs
Chris L. Firestone

Paul Engstrom
Chris L. Firestone
Nathan A. Jacobs
James Tillman

Key Cast
Matt Bush The Goldbergs (recurring), Anger Management, The Trouble with the Curve, Adventureland, Glory Daze (recurring), High School, The Kitchen
Osric Chau Supernatural (recurring), 2012, Halo 4
Julianna Guill Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce (recurring), Bad Samaritans (recurring), Crazy Stupid Love, Glory Daze (recurring), Friday the 13th
Cyrina Fiallo Good Luck Charlie (recurring), Made the Movie
Sunkrish Bala Castle (recurring), Walking Dead (recurring), Shameless (recurring), Awkward (recurring), I Just Want My Pants Back (recurring)
Rick Plastina Chicago Overcoat, The Half Life of Mason Lake, Knight Rider, Vegas, All in the Family
Lana Wood Diamonds are Forever
Tony Alcantar Fantastic Four, Best in Show
Nancy Sellers The Other One, Hard Knox

Director: Nathan A. Jacobs

Director’s Statement

Central to my love for film is the medium’s unique ability to bring together artistic vision, ideas, and entertainment. Equally central to this love, however, is the way film unites artists in a common task. Director Ingmar Bergman once noted that something was lost in the arts when the individual became “the greatest bane of artistic creation,” contrasting such individualism with the great cathedrals that were built by countless anonymous artisans. As an artist, I’ve always been drawn to the grandeur of cathedrals and longed to be part of what they embody, namely, the creation of something that goes well beyond what I can produce alone by bringing my gifts into harmony with countless other artists. Only in film-making did I discover what Bergman himself realized: Film is one of the few places where this type of cooperative artistry still exists.

Killing Poe marks my first attempt at the modern cathedral-making of feature films. The film is meant to be tremendously funny and wildly entertaining. However, beneath the movie’s obvious comedic trappings and meta-commentary on itself are profound ironies, commentary on popular culture, a critique of the modern university, and subtle nods to Poe’s works. Ultimately, at its core, this film looks at the sobriety that comes when everything we have is stripped away, and life as we know it has come to an end. The numerous artists that worked on this film have labored tirelessly, from its conception to completion, to saturate it with meaning, nuance, and artistic excellence. My sincere hope is that audiences everywhere come to appreciate the fruits of our collective labor.