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USA, January 2009
14:00 min, Documentary

At 6 years old, Frankie 13 was considered a genius. But ever since then he's struggled to live up to expectations. Now, at 26, he's pinning all his hopes and dreams on becoming the next World Rock Paper Scissors Champion.

Producer: Douglas Shaffer, James Eowan
Director: Douglas Shaffer, James Eowan
Cinematographer: Adam Barton
Editor: Terry Walters


Douglas Shaffer: 2nd Unit Dir of Photography, Camera Operator, Co-Producer
Doug spent years marketing power tools to the masses while simultaneously pursuing filmmaking. During his tenure with Bosch Doug started a production company in Chicago shooting music videos for local bands and directing documentaries. Realizing film was his future, he moved to Los Angeles to make movies full time. There he met James, and they set out to better understand the Rock Paper Scissors subculture.

James Eowan: Co-Producer
James spent many years exposing other people's documentaries to larger audiences. In 2005, he met Doug Shaffer, and they embarked on a journey into the clammy recesses of the Rock Paper Scissors underworld. Once inside, James and Doug realized that they had an opportunity to make a documentary about a subject so poorly understood (and for the most part heretofore unknown), that CNN's Jack Cafferty called its devotees "morons." James hopes this film will reach the desk of and enlighten Mr. Cafferty.

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