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Words is a story about Juliet (Miriam Liora Ganz) and Owen (Russell Harvard), a deaf man, who meet at the iconic Bethesda Fountain in the snow covered Central Park. Their conversation begins awkwardly but over the next few days, she comes up with interesting ways to communicate with him. The friendship slowly appears to blossom into romance but the difference between silence and words may be more than it seems. The film uses American Sign Language and makes references to the works of popular deaf icons - Beethoven's musical masterpiece "Moonlight Sonata" and Chuck Baird's painting "Music for the eyes". The characters names are a reference to Beethoven and his real life love Giulietta Guicciardi, to whom Beethoven dedicated the Moonlight Sonata.

Writer/Director: Anup S Bhandari
Cinematographer: Lance Kaplan
Music: Edouard Brenneisen
Editor: Pavan Kumar
Executive Producer: Robert Jones
Production Manager: Neetha Shetty
Production Coordinator: Pavan Kumar M.R, Janet Ostriker Jones
Make up: Aura Schwartz
DI: Shiva Kumar

Russell Harvard (There Will Be Blood, Hamill) - http://www.russellharvard.com/
Miriam Liora Ganz

Anup S Bhandari was born in the city of Puttur in Karnataka, a state in southern India. He moved to Mysore at the age of 3 and completed his schooling and college there. He then started working as a software engineer for one of the biggest software giants in India. He parallely started making short films which won awards at the corporate level. His first effort Life Meets Life (2005) told the story of a poor young girl who sells flags to make a living and a young man who works in a big company leading a comfortable life. The film starts where the two lives meet and back tracks to the events that lead to this meeting. This film went on to win the best short film award at the corporate film contest.

He then directed MYDC Forever (2006) a music video. The Nemesis (2008) told the story of 4 friends, their life, love and drugs. The film crisscrosses between the past and present taking the audience into the lives of these friends whose lives change as the beginning of one relationship shatters another. He received his second best film award at the corporate film contest for this movie.

His first major short film however happened in 2010 when he directed Russell Harvard, actor from the two academy award winning There Will Be Blood; in the innovative short film WORDS. Words told the story of a woman and a deaf man who meet in Central Park.

WORDS (2010)

Awards & Screenings
Best Short Film & Best Art Direction: 2011 Toronto International Deaf Films & Arts Festival

Best Short Film Nominee: 11th New York Indian Film Festival 2011

Official Selection: Alabama International Film Festival 2011
Green Bay Film Festival 2011

Director: Anup S Bhandari