Narrative Short | 25m | 2015 |UK

SHOWTIME: 7:45PM(All times are subject to change)

If the truth could mean the end of everything, how far would you go to keep the person you love in the dark?

When Anne fails to return from an appointment, Sarah begins to worry. Sarah is blind, and despite being in her mid twenties she still lives at home with her mother, Anne. As the hours drag by Sarah begins to panic, but when she series to escape she soon realizes that the home she has known and lived in her whole life is in fact a prison. Locked and barred. With no way out.

Exhausted after a frantic attempt at escape she collapses in her mothers bedroom and falls asleep. Upon waking she’s confronted with something wholly unexpected. For the first time ever she is starting to see. Shocked and amazed she makes her way to the bathroom where she is greeted by her own reflection for the first time. Growing accustomed to this amazing development she begins to explore but soon her wonderment turns sour as she discovers that her mother, far from being protecting her, has been keeping her prisoner her entire life. As the revelations gain pace Sarah realizes the true, savage nature of her mothers love. When finally she stumbles, numb and distressed into her own bedroom she is greeted with the grim means of control that Anne has been using all these years to ensure her daughter never leaves her side.

“Darklight is an ambitious, engrossing piece of filmmaking,
highly atmospheric, with strong production values enhanced by very good performances. An enjoyable story that left you wanting more.”

Richard Turley

David Pusey
Richard Turley

Richard Turley
David Pusey

Key Cast
Alicia Ambrose-Bayley
Tilly Vosburgh

Director: Richard Turley

A BAFTA-nominated multi-genre Director, Richard has more than a decade of experience in broadcast television and more recently, film. His work to date has largely been factual or drama-documentary though increasingly he is turning his focus to narrative drama.

For Richard story is key, and he has a passion for bringing great tales to screen whether through real life testimony or dramatic interpretation. ‘Strings’ is his first solo writing project.

In 2012 Richard produced his debut independent short film ‘Darklight’ with backing from Film London. Directed and co-written by Richard the resulting film shines with imagination and charm that look set to become his hallmark as a Director. Described as ‘a constantly surprising tale… that leads you eager for a sequel’ ‘Darklight’ went on to be long-listed for a BAFTA in 2013.