Drama | 19 minutes 54 seconds | 2015 | United Kingdom

SHOWTIME: 6:18PM(All times are subject to change)

Following the death of his wife, a depressed father discovers that his son is gay and confronts him leading to explosive consequences.

Katie Smith – Director
Gloria Daniels-Moss – 1st AD

Katie Smith – Scriptwriter

Gloria Daniels-Moss

Key Cast
Liam Hallinan – Rex
Chris Clynes – Jamie
Paul Dewdney – Adrian

Executive Producer
Joseph Ford
Nigel Smith
James Boyle Lidstone

Anthony Brown – DP
Alex Gardiner – Boom Op
Owen Jones – Boom Op
Emil Kunda – 1st AC
Haidee Birch – 2nd AC
William Ratcliff – Gaffer

Art Design
Katie Hogben – Production Designer
Simon Austin – Storyboard Designer
Simon Austin – Graphic Designer

Post Production
Andy Partington – Sound Designer
Katie Smith – Editor
Dirk Maassen – Composer
Jamie Phillip Langlois – Composer
Niklas Lagung – Composer
Alex Gardiner – DIT

Kate Kneller – Production Assistant
Anthony Hockey – Production Assistant
Anais Koen – Production Assistant

Director: Katie Smith
Katie is the Writer and Director for Crossroads and founder of Magic 05 Productions, a small new and independent film production company based in Kent. Katie has been writing and directing professionally since 2012 winning awards such as Best Original Screenplay and nominations throughout.

In 2014 she wrote and directed Crossroads, a film that is currently in the festival circuit having won three awards and nominated for many more.

Katie’s current films in production are Leo which is in the mid stages of pre-production about a woman’s obsession with a cardboard cut out of Leonardo DiCaprio and Run Run as Fast as You Can, a short film about the beauty of childhood both to be made in early 2016. Recent films Katie have worked on is The History of Chance which won Best Film at Canada International Film Festival and won numerous others at Honolulu Film Festival and Raindance and Borderline, which won Best Short Film and the Jury Award at Birdie Film Festival.

Katie prides herself on making films that really focus on the human condition and the emotions that create them.

Director’s Statement

As a director, sound and image are very important to me, they need to work together harmoniously to build up the emotionality of the characters’ lives and to help the audience feel what the characters are feeling. The scenes in Crossroads were emotionally difficult for both the actors and the crew, but it was so important for me that the audience saw real life people in real life situations. Homosexuality has been seen as one of the forefront concerns in regards to prejudice for many years and thankfully, the rise of LGBT campaigners especially via the media platform, including films, TV shows, music and social media websites has given people a platform to discuss their human rights.

In order to create a social change, I believe we need to re-establish who we are, where we come from and what we bring to the world. Cinema is a strong method of communication and it has the power to create change and help allow people to see the real human condition at its rawest.

When casting, I made it the forefront of the casting breakdown that my actors should be able to feel their characters deep within themselves, I was very happy when my actors acted out their scenes because all I saw was raw emotion. In fact, one of my actors was so moved, he was brought to tears during his audition and had to have a moment to himself, it was then I knew they fully understood their characters.

The idea of Crossroads was one I very much wanted to bring to life for many years because it touches on so many areas that are so prominent in our world. As a heterosexual woman who has written and directed a film focusing on LGBTQ I am often asked why, as a heterosexual woman, I made this.

It wasn’t just about sexuality for me; it was about people’s feelings to different scenarios. Adrian is dealing with the loss of his wife and he has taken this loss far worse than he could ever have imagined. He is a strong person, confident and hard-working yet he is now a fragment of that person, lost without his wife, so much so, anything to do with his wife, such as his son, is far too much to cope with so he shuts him out. Then we have Rex, a young man at the forefront of his life, but so isolated from his father, he feels he is unable to tell him about his sexuality so he feels completely alone. To compare, we then have Jamie who is confident in his self, his sexuality and is completely in love with Rex and cares deeply for him.

For me, Crossroads is a story that shows two main powerful emotions. Love and Grief. Love is a powerful tool, and sometimes we react to situations negatively when we love someone, but at the forefront of this, I wanted the audience to understand that grief is just as powerful as love and sometimes it can cause huge complications in relationships, especially when dealing with grief.

As far as audience reaction is concerned, people will respond to the intentions behind the themes of choice and sexuality in different ways, which is exactly what I wanted. I wanted people to think “How can a dad think that way…?” “Why on earth would the son try and do this…?” “What sort of father would push his own son away…?” But it is these questions that people face every single day, and for me, it is the story and reason behind those questions that are most important. Crossroads isn’t just about the relationship between two gay men; it is the pressure, the feelings and the emotional reactions to losing someone you love and being in love with someone that might cause an intense reaction.

This is a film about acceptance, but what tells the story, primarily, is the relationship between father and son and coming to terms with their loss. The central idea behind Crossroads almost gets lost amongst the political and governmental climate of our times. “Emotions” and “Feelings” are senses that we all share and are part of a larger scale and can sometimes be very frustrating to the person and to the recipient but they are feelings nonetheless. Crossroads, I hope, will show these emotions that everyone feels when dealing with a situation. Grief, sadness, loneliness, love, hate, anger, shock, passion, lust… They are all emotions that Crossroads aim to highlight. I’m very proud of how far we have come with this film, and judging by audiences across the world and reviews about the film, I am truly touched that Crossroads has been a film they remember.