Counting Backwards
Drama | 30 minutes 45 seconds | 2014 | United Kingdom

SHOWTIME: 12:00PM(All times are subject to change)

Sally has a teenager (Kelly) who wants to stay out late, just like her friends. When her mum says no, she storms out of the house.

At her Aunty Jackie’s house, Kelly charges her mum with being unreasonable. Jackie gives Kelly an envelope containing documents from a violent incident involving Sally, twenty years before.

Sean De Sparengo

Geoff Thompson

Eddie Deighton
Jon Sloan
Campbell Beaton
Tiernan Hanby
Max Mcgill

Key Cast
Hetti Bywater
Kate Ashfield
Jethro Skinner
Kathryn Prescott
Craig Conway
Sarah Hoare
Wendy Albiston
Jeanette Rourke
Orlessa Altass
Richard Ward
Ronnie Foxx
Jo Mcinnes
Adam Wilson
Ashley Mcguire
Naomi Battrick
Rob Hughes

DOP – Adam Suschitzky Bsc
Production Designer – Ed Butcher
Editor – Joel Miller
Colourist – Simone Grattarola
Sound Recordists – John Arkley, Neil Mcintyre, Simon Batchelar
Stylist – Emily Jerman
Make-Up Artists – Chloe Butcher, Sian Duke, Camilla Fernandez, Michaela Silvester,
Lucy King, Farida Ghwe, Rebecca Doney, Lisa Zipper
Make-Up Assistant – Michelle Young
Set Decorator – Jerry Bland

Director: Sean De Sparengo

Sean studied graphic design and photography at Kingston University, and was lucky enough to be head hunted by the BBC for its prestigious presentation graphics dept. He was quickly responsible for the creative / branding output of several of the BBC’s Channels and designed, directed and produced numerous award-winning BBC trails, idents and title sequences including his Royal television society award winning BBC 2 idents.

He also designed and directed title sequences and identity campaigns with some of the world’s leading international broadcasters including ITV, Channel 4, FIVE, CNN, MTV, HALLMARK, SKY, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, VIRGIN MEDIA, FOX, CANAL+ etc.

Recently Sean has been developing his own feature film with BAFTA award winning writer Geoff Thompson, while he earns a living directing commercials for top tier clients including Disney, National Geographic, Scottish Widows, Lucozade, ESPN etc, One of his recent Ads has been hailed as the most powerful commercial of the year by several industry magazines for Choice FM’s Anti Gun Crime cinema Ad, which won Sean the most prestigious award in the advertising industry – a CANNES LION.

He has also directed several videos for some of the biggest acts in the british music industry – Take That, Westlife, Girls Aloud and the Sugababes amongst others gaining a reputation for cinematic style and beauty lighting.

He has a great appreciation of visual style but loves more than anything to maintain a balance between the story and the look.

Sean is one of the new breed that subscribes to the view, “why be good at one thing, when you can be good at lots of things” so has recently taken up advertising and fashion photography in a big way! Photographically he’s doing really well winning loads of awards including 4 Golds at the industry leading Campaign Magazine Advertising Awards two years running, he has had 8 shots shortlisted in last years AOP awards (more than any other entered photographer) as well being recently ranked as the 3rd best photographer working in advertising – internationally in the Campaign’s top ten Annual.