Narrative Short | 21 min 20 sec | 2015 | Turkey | Premiere?

SHOWTIME: 5:22PM(All times are subject to change)

A revolutionary group of 5 is forced to leave the country after a riot. They manage to arrange a fisher boat with which they plan to flee to Bulgaria from Turkey via the Black Sea. This difficult and dangerous journey results in the questioning of themselves and the persistence of their organization.

Ulas Karaoglu

Ulas Karaoglu

Ulas Karaoglu

Key Cast
Bulent Emin Yarar
Ali Atilla Sendil
Mehmet Avdan
Ibrahim Gundogan
Fehmi Karaarslan
Ozgun Akacca
Elisu Tanriverdi
Bahtiyar Engin
Yildiray Sahinler

Director: Ulas Karaoglu

Born in Istanbul in 1977 Ulaş Karaoğlu graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Philosophy in 2000. Between 1996 and 2008 he wrote various Philosophic and Politic articles in a series of different magazines. He was responsible for the legal and economic affairs of Atölye Publishing House from 1998 to 2003 which published various Political, Philosophic and Art Books.
Career Profile
2012 – Present Live Nation Entertainment – Ticketmaster Middle East – Dubai
Assistant Genaral Manager
2004 – 2012 Ticketmaster Turkey – Istanbul
Event Manager

Black Sea, 2015, 26 min., Short movie, HD, Fiction – Scriptwriter and Director –Produced By Ulas Karaoglu (UkArt Productions) and Beyoglu Cinema Istanbul

Director’s Statement

A land who doesn’t know where she belongs, in between Europe and Asia. A land who is a part of all the crisis that’s happening in Middle East, with military coups in her history, where the fight for freedom happens with or without weapons.

I was born to a family who spent their years in political struggle. Even though i wasn’t always aware of it, i was always a part of that struggle since my childhood. This experience made me realize, most of us are a part of a common dream of future, yet we are so different from each other. I was a witness to how movements which came to be with extreme struggles came apart because of personal beliefs and ambitions. I was a witness to see that we got separated from the movement because we lost trust to each other. Where as people who chose the struggle should have known how to become one, how to trust in each other and how to stay together. Especially in current hard times.

The movie is about a group of people who are part of a political movement and who chose to flee after an unknown activity. At the beginning the movie shows the pressures of escaping to a safe boat to take the group but then when they are alone, the plot turns to conflicts of the characters with each other and with themselves.

From the view of the two main characters, opinions about the future of the movement and struggle come more clear. More than the escape, I would like the viewer to worry more about which character feels closer to their heart, which character to oppose, what to do in a similar situation.

I chose to use a small fishermen’s boat in a dangerous sea like Blacksea to make the escape even harder. My aim was to try to pass the feeling of escape that real people have attempted even in a smaller boat. The size of the boat helped me creating the feeling of entrapment. At the same time i think i’ve managed to create a difference between two main shooting locations by using the warmth of yellow light inside and cold of blue light on top of the boat. I hoped i would direct the attention of the viewer to the dialogue by not using any music except the opening and closing scenes.

After all these; like people leaving themselves to flow of life, unable to see the changing and evolving world; the characters in the movie also cannot analyze the situation they are in.

While life has the last word for us people; for them, it’s the Black Sea who has the last word.