Drama Short | 49 minutes 43 seconds | 2014 | Russian Federation

SHOWTIME: 3:50PM(All times are subject to change)

Short on resources but rich in feeling, lapsed physics student Mitya is determined to save the life of his ailing, beloved grandmother. Overriding the uninformed protestations of family members, the devoted grandson goes any lengths to have her cryogenically preserved after her demise, thereby affording her a chance at a new life.

Anna Arlanova

Anna Arlanova

Anna Arlanova

Key Cast
Aleksander Matveev
Nikolay Evtushenko

Director: Anna Arlanova

Graduated from Russian Academy of Theatre Arts. Worked as an actress in film and television. Studied film directing at Higher Courses For Scriptwriters and Directors. “-196” is the director’s thesis project.

Director’s Statement

Student (Higher Courses For Scriptwriters and Directors, Moscow)